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Zeolite Cat Litter Freshener 32 oz.


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Discover the power of Zeolite, an all-natural odor absorber, and an eliminator. Odorless Super Cat Litter Freshener is guaranteed to keep litter boxes and the surrounding area fresher longer than cat litter alone. Simply add about 1 cup every time you change the litter.

Also works great in the bird, guinea pig, rabbit, and hamster cages. Even works in horse stalls (bulk available, call). Sprinkle some in your vacuum cleaner bag to eliminate the dreaded vacuum bag odor. If you want to eliminate the odors and not just cover them up, then Zeolite is the way to go.

Zeolite litter freshener is not reusable. Available in 32 oz. shaker containers.

Zeolite, the natural odor control, gives you mega odor control in the home, office, shop ... anywhere!

If you are having issues with cat urine odors you can find helpful tips on eliminating them in our post "Getting Rid of Cat Urine Odors is Easier Than You Think"