Permanent Electrostatic AC Filter

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The electrostatic filters are made from special materials that develop their own safe electrostatic charge as air is drawn through the filter by your air-conditioner, heater or furnace - This charge attracts contaminants like a magnet.

Electrostatic a/c filters do not require any power to operate and will replace any existing Air-conditioning/Heating filter without modification. We recommend cleaning your electrostatic a/c filter every month depending on how quick the dirt and dust build-up is.

Don't forget to clean your AC filter! The cleaning process is very simple. Remove the filter, vacuum both sides, and rinse water. For tough dirt or grease, you may have to wash with a mild household detergent. Once your electrostatic air filter is clean let it dry and then put it back in your system.

  • Specifically designed for residential as well as commercial applications
  • Embedded with VIBAX MI-50, an anti-microbial that effectively limits and controls bacteria, mold, and mildew, and helps to reduce odor.
  • The unique combination of Polypro with polyurethane foam media attract and hold airborne pollutants
  • The filter frame is rugged aluminum - it will never corrode or rust.
  • Drain hole for easy and thorough cleaning
  • High-efficiency ratings, as well as increased holding capacity, enable quality filtering ability (ASHRAE 52-76)
  • Available in 1" thickness
  • Custom sizes up to 1200 sq. in. available.
  • Custom made items are non-refundable
  • Lifetime factory warranty against defects.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 and a shortage of aluminum production of orders for custom filters can take 2 weeks.