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AllergyCare™ Allersoft® Cotton Blend Mattress Encasing

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AllergyCare™ Allersoft® Cotton Blend bedding is a special blend of cotton and polyester (60/40), a superior revolutionary microfiber, that is an extremely effective allergen barrier. This light, membrane-free fabric has been independently tested and proven to be effective against dust mites, dust mite parts and allergens.

The AllergyCare™ Allersoft® Cotton Blend allergy relief bedding features a tightly woven fabric with an average pore size of 3.9 microns. Dust mite allergens are about 8-10 microns in size so you and your mattress are completely protected.

  • No added chemicals or harsh treatments.
  • Zippered mattress cover fully encases all 6 sides of the mattress.
  • Heavy gauge nylon zippers with coated rust proof metal zipper pulls.
  • 60% Polyester 40% Cotton
  • Made to Last - All covers are sewn with a double stitch and 12 stitches/inch.
  • No need to wash before putting on your mattress.
  • Latex-free
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Easy Care Instructions:

Machine wash your covers in cold, warm or hot water°. Do not use any chlorine bleach. Machine dry on medium setting. We recommend you wash in cold or warm water with DeMite Laundry Additive or Allersearch Allergen Wash.

Special Note: Please make sure cover is completely dry before putting it on the mattress or pillows.