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Dust Mite Covers

Dust Mite Covers

Complete Protection for Your Mattress, Pillows, Feather Bed and Comforters


If you can only do one thing to improve your allergies, do this.


If you suffer from dust mite allergies you know what it feels like to wake up with puffy watery eyes, runny nose and feeling like you did not get to sleep last night. It's really is a bad way to start the day. Stop Suffering!


The reason doctors recommend putting dust mite covers on your bedding is because it is the simplest, fastest, and most effective way to protect, and help your breathing. Our line of dust mite covers completely encase your bedding, no matter what it is, to keep the dust mites and their allergens inside, and most importantly, away from you.


For over 25 years, the Allergy Store has offered the widest selection of dust mite covers for your mattress, pillows, box springs, duvet, featherbed, and comforter. We have fabrics and prices to suit everyone's preferences and budget. Get complete protection from dust mites, animal dander, bed bugs and other allergens today!


SALE - Save additional 18% on your Dust Mite Covers Today! Use coupon code PALM2015 at checkout. 

If you are not sure which of our dust mite covers is best for you please give us a call at 800-771-2246 or email us. We will be glad to answer all your questions. Want to see what the fabric feels like? Let us know and we will provide you with fabric samples.

Do I really need dust mite covers on my bed? 

If you have allergies, Yes. If you wake wake up in the morning feeling like you did not get a good nights sleep or have a stuffy or runny nose, puffy or itchy eyes or a cough then more than likely you are allergic to dust mites. The reason most doctors recommend you cover your bedding is because it works and works fast.


What are dust mite covers?

A dust mite cover will have the following characteristics:

     - A dust mite cover is zippered.
     - It will cover the top, bottom and sides of your mattress, box spring, or pillow.
     - It will be made of specially designed allergy-blocking fabric.
     - Some times a dust mite cover will be referred to as a “mattress encasement” or “dust mite encasement” or “allergy cover”. All dust mite covers

       and allergy covers are also mattress covers or pillow protectors. Not all mattress covers and pillow protectors are dust mite covers. The fabric,

       zipper, and construction differentiate the two.


How do I take care of dust mite covers?  

All of our covers are machine washable. Simply put them in the wash on regular cycle in hot water and tumble dry. No bleach. The mattress covers only need to be washed once or twice a year unless something is spilled on them. If the covers are for a child with dust mite allergies and the child still has accidents every so often then the mattress covers will need to be washed more often. 


Do I need to wash my covers before using them?

Your dust mite covers do not need to be washed before they are put on for the first time unless you just want to. None of the allergy bedding the Allergy Store sells is treated with any antimicrobial products except our vinyl. Some companies do treat their fabrics.